PhotoBulk: watermark in batch App Reviews

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A great app that does what it claims!

I could dream of all sorts of things I would like various programs to do that they do not do. I don’t subtract stars from a review over them though. This isn’t fair to any developer. I give it 5 stars as it preforms excellent. I have watermarked thousands of images with it. It always preforms as expected. This means it earned the 5 stars.

Great app

This app is simple and easy to use. My only complaint is inconsistency in watermark when a picture has been cropped or resized before being watermarked. Hope there may be a fix for this. Would give 5 stars if that can be fixed. It would also be nice for the water mark to have a white or colored background or have a white or black border around the letters. Other apps do this and it really helps you to see a text watermark more clearly, but I like the ease of this app.. Overall, works great for my needs.

Love this app!

So fast, so easy and works great. I love this app.

Bulk resize works great

I got this because I had a little over 2000 photos in about 50 different folders all in one folder that I wanted to resize. I didn’t see in the description that it would resize all in the sub-folders/sub-directories, but took a chance. Worked nicely and resized them all in a few minutes, so saved a lot of time. Than you!

$9.99 for a demo… I think not...

I purchased this item from the app store and used it. It was great and exactly what I need for my business. NOW… after using it once, it is saying that I need to purse it again and that I am only using a demo version… $9.99 for a demo version… I think not. As of right now I am losing money because of my in amy erroneous assumption that once I buy an app that I didnt have to buy it again to use it. Not only that in my desperate attempt to get things done I decided to look at purchasing again becuase, again I use this for a business, and find that I cannot purchse through the app store. I didn’t understand and then it dawn on me… I ALREADY PURCHASED IT…. So I look on the developers website and to my surprise (at this point I shouldnt be surprised) I found that I needed to pay $19.95… At this time I extremly ______ (inset appropiate adjective). Depending on how fast they fix this I might consider deleating this review and reposting stating how this is a great app.

Noticeable reduction in photo quality

Very user friendly, just started using it today. Pretty easy. HOWEVER, I immediately noticed a very significant reduction in photo quality. Quite blurry actually. So, if that’s important to you - THIS app is not the app for you. Disappointed in that because I really like the ease of use. I found a way to get the photos from my desktop on my Mac back in to the Photos folders but it’s laborious. Also, I’d like to see the fonts available AS THE FONTS in the list. I have no idea what they are by them all being listed in the same font. ya know? So there’s that. Otherwise I was able to batch change names, loved that. And, get a watermark fairly easily as a single or batch.

Great tool to protect your work!

We are an event design agency and pictures of our events are our greatest asset. This app allows us to add our logo as a watermark to keep competitors from claiming our work. You can do multiple pictures at a time which is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Very Easy and Works with Multiple Folders

This app is definitely worth the money. It’s very easy to use, allows you to save watermarks as presets for future use, and even maintains folder structures. Others have reported reduction in picture quality after applying a watermark, but I have not yet had this problem.

Works great.. But could use a bit more polishing

Works as advetised.. I have seen no reduction in qualitiy some have spoken of.. My only complaint is that it creates a new folder named [watermark] every single time you process a photo… You cant just point it to a folder where you keep your converted files, well you can, but it will create a new folder [watermark] every single time you process a photo… So you end up getting [watermark], [watermark] 2, [watermark] 3, etc, etc… If you point it to one of those folders it will just create a new [watermark] folder inside those folders… Kinda dumb

Does not support RAW images..

what kind of photo app designed for professionals does not support RAW?

Very useful time-saving app!

I love this app. I use it almost every day and find it saves a lot of time being able to batch process images that I’m going to upload to websites. I have not noticed that reduction in quality that some reviewers reported. If you feel the quality is noticeably reduced, you can change the quality settings. I find ‘Opt’ works well for me in almost all cases. The algorithm seems to be very effective at reducing file size (far better than Photoshop and other image apps) while maintaining quality. The watermarking and resize features are also very good. You can’t see within the app what the different fonts are going to look like for watermarking, so I just opened Font Book and looked through that until I found one I liked. I love that you can easily save ‘Presets’ of settings that you use a lot. It processes the images quickly. Quick, easy and time-saving app. Invaluable for anyone wanting to optimize images for their website.

Great App-Use it for Work Images

This saves me so much time, I primarly use it for resize and optimization. We sell used cnc machinery at our company and I am the sales and marketing tech side. We take a lot of pictures of our equipment and to optimize size and space I use Photo Bulk everyday, this saves a lot of room on my 512GB MacBook Pro.


Nice features and would be very easy to use, however the resizing only works about 10 percent of the time, very irritating. So it was a waste of 10$ but its tough to find a good bulk resizer.

Simple and well done. Pity it does not respect the directory structure

Very simple to use, would give 5 stars if it respected the original directory structure. Unfortunately it does not and this limits drastically its usability as you can only work with photos in a single directory with no subdirectories.

photo bulk

it does the job simple and easy..nuttin fancy...

Works well - simple setup

I would love to have the ability to invert the watermark over the image. That way it works for light or dark background and over complex patters equally well.

Great Time Saver

Nice, simple, straight-forward. Exactly what I needed.


A well-designed little app. I am impressed. Primarily working with iOS these days, so this makes supporting legacy @1x images for the iPhone less of a chore. Along those lines, allowing the removal of “@2x” from processed images would be a killer feature! Would save me another step of having to fire up Name Mangler. Still. 5 stars.

Nice simple app.

I really like the idea of this, its a really simple way to resize large batches of images quickly and easily. It looks pretty good and it never crashes. Sometimes it does not resize images properly when I imput a specific max size, but sometimes it does. Im not sure what is going on with this. The font isnt my favorite, but thats not a big deal.

Good start

It’s a good app for start and I’m happy to give it 5 stars if these two things are done. 1. Please include crop feature. I’m pretty sure people need to do both resize and crop to unify the look of a big pile of various images. 2. Improve the max jpeg quality, at max quality the compressing is just too visible. Other than that, good job!

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